Apr 6, 2013


russ is convinced there is a formula that enables one to "beat" jetlag. it is a complicated mathmatical thing that has to do with the hours one stays up till the night before the flight plus the hours one sleeps on the plane based on the hour one arrives at the destination. 
a- i don't like math.
b - i completely disagree.  i don't think you can trick your body into believing it's well-rested after flying for an entire day and ending up halfway around the world on the morning of the day you left.  not buying it.  however, this time the jetlag wasn't so bad and i believe it was because i followed these guidelines:

- don't drink alcohol.  celebrating your arrival, although fun, will fuck you up worse and for longer and throw off any hope you have of a quick recovery.

- do drink water.  lots!  is this ever bad for you?

- sleep.  if you are tired go to bed.  even if it's the middle of the day,  don't try to tell your body what to do with your mind.  just go to bed.  and stay in bed.  

that's what i did all day. xx

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