Feb 12, 2012


bus mission part 2
"...after successfully towing the bus back to camp and leaving her in the overflow lot we decided on a place to move her.  once again the nearly breakless, nearly stearingless, 2-ton highlux was hooked up to the completely breakless, completely stearingless 10-ton bus and this time had to back it out and around the parking beams, onto the road and then pull it up the driveway to the house.  first all the trees in the driveway had to be trimmed to accomodate the behemoth and a place had to be cleared among the piles of wood and the junk for her final resting place.
it took a few tries backing out - it had to be far enough to the left to miss the parking beams but not so far as to smash the manuka trees it was resting under.  finally, just as it was cranked so hard the bus wheels jolted and slammed perpendicularly to the truck, this was accomplished.
once it was successfully towed up to it's new home it had to be pushed into place so it was sturdy and wouldn't move.  for this task d took the digger - which has grass growing around the gear shifts, cobwebs instead of a windshield and who's hood is inexplicably propped open with a twisted piece of drift wood so you can see the engine coughing black smoke - and he put a chain from the bucket to the tow hitch on the bus.  then using the arm he pulled, turned, pulled and yanked the bus perfectly into place.
mission accomplished, more staff accommodation...."

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