Jan 17, 2011


mt. somers track day 1

ze german and i decided to go backpacking on mt. somers this weekend. since gail winds were coming from the northeast we decided to do the south face first, which basically meant we did the whole hike backwards. turns out there's a reason you're advised to go the opposite way. much of our route was essentially rock-climbing.

rock-climbing with 40 lb packs on.

i could not have done this without lea who kept saying, "yes we can!" while i let out psyche scream after psyche scream. this hike was ranked "moderate" which i have come to believe means "moderate - if you are iron man". kiwis are insane. i have no concept of what the difficult terrain must be like after trying out the "moderate" track but it would probably make me cry. it might kill me.

anyway it was worth it. totally worth it. it was so beautiful. i have however devised a small list of things i will never forget:

- pack rations in lightweight backs like ziploc - not glass
- apples are heavy
- everything must fit inside the pack
- hut passes are totally worth it
- only bring what you will absolutely use
- always check the weather
- don't go backwards

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