Dec 19, 2010


new home number 9

this old house

somehow by giving up a permanent address and residence and technically having no home, i've acquired many homes and lots of addresses. i have a shipping address but it's different than my billing address, i also have a forwarding address that differs from both the former and the latter. none of these will be current for very long except the forwarding address which will likely change in a few months. then there is the address listed on my id which is different than the address on my passport and both of these are different than every previously listed address. i've started laughing and sighing awkwardly when people ask where i live.

"hahahahhuhuh haaaaaahhhhhhhhhuuuh."

i have no real space of my own anymore but pretty much call home wherever i lay my head for more than oh... i don't know... 3 days? therefore right now i live, technically, at home. at my mom's house in bellingham. (this is also different than where i'm from, kind of half way, and different from where i've been living, that is to say where i was living before living all over and all that is different than where i went to from here, originally.)

anyway i'll be here for two weeks more, including two holidays. it is cold and wet and the sun never really leaves the southern corner of the sky if it comes out at all, but it is nice to be back. there is nowhere like btown.

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