Dec 14, 2010


new home number 8

mile high skies

when i think of colorado, i think of where i grew up; rural, remote, wild, epic, southwestern. it is odd to be here with my family in the city. it is odd to see my same fantastic skies punctured with street lights and buildings. it's odd to see my father, who during my childhood moved us further and further away from people, embracing the shiny new urban life that's sprung up in the denver area. it feels a bit upside down. it doesn't quite have the feel of home. the one thing though; the sign that i am indeed in colorado, even if i look outside and see a pool instead of rolling fields and rising mountains, is the sky - the sky is unmistakable.

there are no skies like colorado skies, this turns out to be as true here in denver as it is in norwood and even after all this time, and even here walking through parking lots and housing developments... they take my breath away.

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  1. skies of glee and happy 20th birthday me!