Aug 1, 2010


years ago i had this secret superstition. if i saw a star i took it as a sign that i was doing the right thing. like they were leading me..... like they were a trail to follow. when i first moved to san francisco it was comical how many i saw. on signs to my destinations, on boats i was boarding, cars i was following, on buildings i was entering and or living in, tattooed on people i fell in love with. everywhere important, at any important moment, i'd look up and almost without fail there would be a star.
i never lost my affinity for stars but somewhere along the way i forgot my belief that they were leading me along the correct path. or maybe i lost the trail. hard to say. anyway.

i just got rid of all my belongings, quit my job, and moved out of my house. everything i need is in my car and without much of a plan or goal i have started down this gypsy road.

today i reached my first new home.

new home number 1

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