May 18, 2010


happy birthday johno!

last night at dinner i learned:
- that chinchillas have 100 hairs to every follicle compared to the 1 hair that humans have. this is why they are so soft and incidentally why they never dry off when they get wet. therefore they bathe in dust. they take dust baths.
- the best way to catch a shark. (i don't know if i can repeat it, but basically it involves raw meat, a big rope and brute force along with a flipping motion. i sort of spaced out halfway through the explanation cause i was thinking, 'i can't believe john catches sharks!')
- why my blogger account links to a random profile and i can't seem to change it.
- the future of facebook (it's scary).
- how to press and mount butterflies
- that alcohol is almost prohibitively expensive in australia

i'm sure there was other important knowledge that he was spouting but i didn't retain it. for the above reasons and about a million more my brother is by far the most interesting person i know. i am so glad he was born. xo

1 comment:

  1. I love you Marin!
    Thank you for making my birthday special.

    PS I had more pie for breakfast.