Nov 2, 2009


i'll never tell

so i've been alive now for 29 halloweens. and 28 years. i don't know alot, i'm willing to learn more, i'm ready to experience much. i have picked up a bit here and there... i do know this..

*red lipstick always works.
*coffee mugs are the most useful kind of cup, and the funkiest
*rucksacks trump purses
*write it down especially if 'it' is a drunken conversation between 2 of your friends. or directions
*make goals
*execute goals
*read copiously
*you can use mussel shells to eat your mussels instead of forks
*people need hugs, including you grumpy.
*there is a reason its hard. deal with it.
*dreams are telling you something, don't dismiss
*it is possible to have too many cupcakes but it takes effort - believe.
*outside is the best side
*don't collect things you don't use... unless they have magical powers
*i always wish you were here with me.
when you lay your head down at night i hope you can hear the rain on your roof.

happy halloween babies.

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